The OES Fund supports Every Student, Every Day they are at OES—and beyond. 

The OES Fund is the school's most vital and fundamental fundraising effort, providing significant and immediate annual resources. With the energy of the new school year, we hope to ensure support in advancing our mission to prepare students to realize their power for good as citizens of local and world communities.

Your donation to the OES Fund is spent across all divisions, inside and outside of the classroom, on our highest priorities to meet the immediate needs of students and their teachers.


Your donations to the OES Fund are spent on our highest priorities to meet the immediate needs of students and their teachers. Students at OES explore new realms, create solutions, connect with new ideas, and commit to using their power for good because they are supported by your annual donations.


Supports access to no-cut athletics with equipment and well maintained sports facilities. Participating in team and individual sports helps our students develop self-confidence, good sportsmanship, discipline, and respect for themselves and others.

Supports theater, music, reading, and the literary and visual arts. Through access to a wide variety of individual and collaborative artistic practices, students explore their craft, discover and refine their creative process, investigate art history and culture, and commit to sharing their authentic artistic voices with their community.

Supports service learning, wellness, and community gatherings that inspire responsibility and develop leadership. Our service learning program seeks to foster an environment of mutual collaboration, cultural competency, and meaningful impact.


Supports inquiry-based experiential learning through original research and invention facilitated by inspiring teachers. We prepare scientifically literate citizens who evaluate information with an analytical approach to making informed decisions as members of our local and global communities.

OES values socioeconomic diversity and is dedicated to building an inclusive school community. We seek students who will thrive in our program, regardless of a family’s ability to pay full tuition.